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Integrating innovation to make a positive impact on the world

Michigan State University brings pathbreaking research discoveries by MSU faculty, staff, and students to the marketplace and to individuals and communities in Michigan and around the world—improving quality of life and creating prosperity.

MSU’s Innovation Center is at the core of this work—creating synergy among three critical areas necessary for improving the impact of MSU research outcomes:

The Innovation Center brings together these three key functions through three carefully integrated entities, along with vital student entrepreneurial activities. This approach provides a distinctive, efficient, and convenient way to leverage MSU knowledge and discovery.

Located just across Grand River Avenue from the MSU campus, in the same space as the region’s entrepreneurial and economic development hub, the Innovation Center houses:

Business-CONNECT: Partner with MSU

The gateway to MSU for the business community, Business-CONNECT creates and facilitates research relationships with businesses—from established companies seeking research partnerships to entrepreneurs looking for resources to those interested in engaging MSU in economic development.

Contact us and visit the Business-CONNECT website.

MSU Technologies: Commercialize and license discoveries

Responsible for protecting MSU intellectual property and effecting technology transfer, MSU Technologies works with MSU researchers and businesses to move inventions into the hands of the best possible partner in commercialization through the licensing of technologies.

Contact us and visit the MSU Technologies website.

Spartan Innovations: Get support for start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures

Spartan Innovations optimizes the environment that turns MSU innovations into successful Michigan businesses by providing faculty and students access to experienced business leaders and start-up funding opportunities and by connecting university-wide entrepreneurship programs and community collaborations.

Contact us and visit the Spartan Innovations website.